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[HOMESTUCK] - Even in death

Sweet dreams (by Marilyn Manson) Piano cover

[OFF] Pepper steak Remix - All levels at once


Pixel meh commission
[PIXEL] Fabulous pewds by hiperloid
[PIXEL] Lil' Eyeless Jack (Reuploaded) by hiperloid
Yo uh
Pixel commissions

Best description ever
Bust shot
Gamzee Makara by hiperloid
Terry Darknife (OC)... (Improvement?) by hiperloid
[Paranatural] Isaac by hiperloid
Bust shot
Full color 
And also
Full color cartoon style 
Send me a note and a reference if you want u v u
Adventure time style~
Commissions? by hiperloid
Commission for RainbwVeins by hiperloid
This is so simple 

If you want a png file without that things in the background you'll pay just 15 :points: 
AND +5 :points: for each EXTRA character u v u

sorry if it's confusing ;A;

Send me a note and a reference if you want u v u


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Done me, and...
I'll love you forever (?

Please? ;n;

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FNAF - Chica by hiperloid
FNAF - Chica
Welp, I just couldn't stay without drawing something from Five Nights At Freddy's...
So yeah, I tried Drawing Chica this time... I kinda Like it you know, even if this coloring style is much complicated xD
Hope you like it :heart:

You... You should leave a comment *snort* Hehehe  

Nonono, Shura wat r u doin stahp dats creepy
Anybody out there? by hiperloid
Anybody out there?
I was listening to Echo by Jason Walker (It's from Vampire Diaries but I don't watch the series, I just like the song) and I dreaw this .-.
Just playing a bit with the tools... I'm a fail tho.
I don't know, I was supposed to be playing with some friends but for some reason I just wanted to draw stuff
btw my tablet isn't working well.

However, Hope you like it :heart:

I'll someday redraw this, and it will be pretty and cool, you'll see //cries

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 I mean... Only if you want...
Hey guys, I want to know if you have had any weird or recurrent dream, You'll see.
The last months I have been dreaming a lot, i had a dream I used to dream a lot when I was like 4-6 years old... I'll tell you if you do it too. Ready? Okay!

When I was little I used to dream that I was dead, I was some kind of angel and I lived in a cloud with a blonde woman (I don't know ._.)... When I was in the clouds, I was always watching my family, Just making sure they were okay... I stayed 6 years old while my brothers (My brothers are younger than me) grew a lot. In one of the first dreams I saw everyone crying because of my dead, but like a month later they were pretty okay, so yeah.

The last time my brothers were in college and I was still 6

I think that's it, I've had a lot of weird dreams, weird academies, extremely tall whispering people, shadow/necklace-demon-thieves, crying puppets... Well, a lot of weird stuff.

 So yeah, tell me your dreams, if you want to.

Thank you for reading this, I really appreciate it :heart:
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  • Listening to: My friends on Razer
  • Reading: Homestuck
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  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Gushers
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Taken from Gediminas-Bakutiene  

Masculine Traits:

[] You are male. 
[] You would prefer being male. 
[x] You don't wear makeup. 
[] You love sports. 
[] You play COD on XBOX LIVE.
[] You constantly make references to Family Guy, Monty Python, Eddie Izzard etc. 
[] You enjoy UFC fighting.
[x] You wanted to be a policeman, firefighter, soldier, ninja, as a child. (I'm a freakin' Ninja!)
[x] You like action anime, movies, games, comic books.
[x] You like violent music. 
[] You don't care how you smell. 
[] You look up to male role-models.
[x] You can relate to guy logic.
[] You speak man, as in tools, cars, etc. 
[x] You like baggy clothes.
[] You like a well 
[x] You love memes. 
[x] You like big dogs.
[] Fedoras are cool. (Fedorable!)
[] You don't care about interior design, just that everything in your house works. 
[] You don't care who sees you scratch yourself. 
[x] You sit with your legs apart. (Sometimes, when i'm playing and doing stuff in my computer)
[x] You don't understand women. (I don't even understand myself)
[x] You rarely cry in front of people. (I hate crying in public, actually)
[x] You'll gladly open a can of whoop-ass on any douche who's asking for it. (YES.)
[x] You like weaponry. Swords, guns, etc. 
[x] You hold doors for women/disabled. 
[] You brag about how much you can bench. 
[] You have facial/chest hair. 
[] You aren't ashamed of your bromance. 
Total: 14

Feminine Traits:

[x] You are female
[] You would prefer being female. 
[] You like doing/having someone do your hair, nails, makeup, ect.
[] You wish you were thinner. 
[x] You play Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, or Harvest Moon.(I used to...)
[] You are always singing along with pop music, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, ect. (...Eww...)
[] You watch Glee, various Girl Power anime, or Jersey Shore, orianything on STYLE, WE TV, OWN, ect. (...Ewww)
[] You wanted to be a princess, dancer, pop star, model, celebrity, as a child.
[] You like fantasizing about the perfect romantic night out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. 
[] You like pop music, or anything happy and cute.
[] You are very self-conscious, and what some other bitch says about you could either make your day or bring your world crashing around your feet. (Nah)
[] You look up to female role-models. 
[] You can relate to other women. 
[] You speak girl, as in makeup, hair, shoes, shopping, ect.
[] You like cute clothes.
[] You love a nicely laced corset. 
[x] You love to dye your hair. (Ombré)
[x] A tub of ice cream or a candy bar can fix everything. 
[] Everything in your house is nicely arranged, and matches.
[] You worry you'll never settle down and have children. 
[] You cross your legs and have good posture. 
[] The male brain is a mystery. 
[x] You don't mind letting your feelings out. (Only alone or with someone I trust... Like a lot.)
[] You're just waiting for the right person to sweep you off your feet.
[] You are extremely jealous, some bitch looks at your person and you'll rip her f*cking eyes out with your bare hands.
[] One of the first things you want to know about a person is their astrology. 
[] Happiness is a nice, long hot bath, with bubbles. 
[] Once a month, you let your bitchiness take over.
[x] You love cute little animals. 
[] You have a LOT of pillows on your bed. 
Total: 6

Masculinity: 14
Femininity: 6
  • Mood: Confused
  • Listening to: Breaking Benjamin
  • Reading: Warriors
  • Watching: CaptainSparklez
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Gushers
  • Drinking: Apple juice

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